Table 3

 Time spent by neonatal unit staff out of their units on neonatal transfers

All transfersUrgentElectiveShort term
The total number of hours spent by each team is presented. For most urgent transfers, the teams consisted of a doctor and nurse, whereas most elective transfers were performed by a nurse only.
Number of journeys61924131464
Data on staff time—n (%)524 (85%)196 (81%)285 (91%)43 (67%)
Hours of staff time recorded in 90 day census period
    Source unit providing staff1019413437169
    Destination unit providing staff6094052004
    Total for all units1628818637173
    Mean (range) per journey3.1 (1–18)4.2 (1–18)2.2 (1–14)4.0 (11–13)
Daily equivalent corrected for missing data (hours/day)21.411.27.82.9