Table 1

 Information provided by postmortem radiology

Gestational age assessment
Skeletal malformation
        (a) dysplasia
        (b) dysostoses (eg defects of limbs, ribs, vertebrae)
Skeletal trauma (birth, other)
Other bone disease (eg infection, metabolic bone disease of prematurity)
Extraskeletal mineralisation, for example
        ‐ Inspissated intestinal contents (secondary to obstruction)
        ‐ Hepatic calcification (hypoxia, infection, etc)
        ‐ Meconium peritonitis
        ‐ Idiopathic arterial calcification of infancy
Abnormal gas accumulations, for example
        ‐ Body cavities
        ‐ Pulmonary interstitial emphysema
        ‐ Surgical emphysema
        ‐ Intravascular
        ‐ Necrotising enterocolitis
Positioning of cannulae, drains, etc
Additional information from contrast radiography
Definitive record of skeletal morphology