Table 1

 Results of 239 children with moderate antenatal renal pelvic dilation

Study scanPrior scanNone
Values are number (%). Scan is dimercaptosuccinic acid scan.
*Of these 50, 30 families did not respond to contact by either their general practitioner or our group, 11 families did not attend for their child’s booked dimercaptosuccinic acid scan despite giving consent, five families refused to participate, and four general practitioners did not allow us to contact the family.
†Details of previous urinary infections available in all but two boys and one girl.
Children with antenatal pelvic dilation
    Boys127 (71)6 (60)40 (80)
    Girls52 (29)4 (40)10 (20)
Children with urinary tract infection
    All12 (7)5 (50)3† (6)
    Boys7 (6)3 (50)3† (8)
    Girls5 (10)2 (50)0† (0)
Children with scars
Mean anteroposterior renal pelvic diameter (mm)