Table 5

 Features of asphyxia and presence of putative prenatal damage (PND)

Features of asphyxiaFull termPreterm
ClinicalPMat PMClinicalPMat PM
One full term infant with prenatal damage had no asphyxia.
PM, Total of 47 infants who died at 3 days or less of age. NNE, Neonatal encephalopathy.
Single feature only
    Apgar ⩽ 5 at 5 min97335158
    Cord pH < 7.1000100
    1st pH < 7.1111852
Two features
    Apgar and low pH751932
    Apgar and NNE200100
    Low pH and NNE000100
Three features
    Low pH, low Apgar and NNE1188421