Table 2

 Clinical features of birth asphyxia in 137 early neonatal deaths

Features of asphyxiaFull termPreterm
All infants had a five minute Apgar score. Only 12 full term infants and 11 preterm infants had cord pH measured. An additional 22 full term infants and 35 preterm infants had the pH measured on arrival in the local neonatal unit. 16 full term infants at 12 hours of age were not paralysed, and 14 of these had features of an encephalopathy. 19 preterm infants remained alive and non-paralysed at 12 hours; six had an encephalopathy.
NNE, Neonatal encephalopathy.
Total number of infants3899
Single feature only
    Apgar ⩽ 5 at 5 min935
    Cord pH < 7.101
    1st pH < 7.118
Two features
    Low Apgar and low pH79
    Low Apgar and NNE21
    Low pH and NNE01
Three features
    Low pH, low Apgar, and NNE114
Total with some indication of asphyxia31 (82%)59 (60%)