Table 1

 Relevant details of the study mothers and babies

Values are absolute numbers (%) or median (range).
HCV, Hepatitis C virus; ADAPT, Assessment of Drugs and Alcohol in Pregnancy Team.
Maternal age (years)28 (20–45)
Methadone dose at delivery (mg)55 (15–105)
ADAPT team care21 (84%)
Antibodies to HCV (ADAPT mothers only)15 (71%)
Known illicit opiate use (ADAPT mothers only)1 (5%)
Hours between last dose and delivery14 (1–33)
Gestation at delivery (weeks)38 (35–41)
Males17 (68%)
Birth weight (g)2995 (2265–3675)
Apgar score at 1 minute9 (6–10)
Apgar score at 5 minutes10 (7–10)