Table 2

 Multivariate analysis of association of severe hyperoxaemia and/or severe hypocapnia with adverse outcome during the first 20–120 minutes of life in infants with birth asphyxia (n  =  139), controlling for disease severity

VariableOR95% CIp Value
Severe hyperoxaemia and severe hypocapnia were defined as Pao2 >26.6 kPa (200 mm Hg) and Paco2 <2.6 kPa (20 mm Hg) respectively.
*Time from birth in minutes to establishment of a regular breathing pattern.
†First available base deficit, measured in SDs from mean normal values.
Severe hyperoxaemia or severe hypocapnia3.071.31 to 7.180.001
Severe hyperoxaemia and severe hypocapnia4.561.4 to 14.90.012
Time to regular breathing*2.291.00 to 5.220.049
Number of blood gasesNS
Base deficit†NS
5 min Apgar scoreNS