Table 1

Details of the assessment of visual function at school age of 39 children with neonatal encephalopathy

Case NoGrade of encephNeonatal MRITests of visual function at school ageNeuro examCognitive level
Pattern of lesionORPVCAge at testOrthopCrowding acuityStereoFields
Abn, abnormal; Athet CP, athetoid cerebral palsy; BG, basal ganglia; Bil, bilateral; Dys, dystonic; enceph, encephalopathy; m, months; Min, Minimal; Mod, moderate; MR, mental retardation; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; Neuro, neurological; OR, optic radiations; Orthop, orthopsis; PVC, primary visual cortex; Sev, severe; Stereo, stereopsis; Tetra, tetraplegia; Untest, untestable; WM, white matter; y, years.
*Unable to fix and follow; –, not tested.
11NormalNN5y 9mNNNNNN
21NormalNN5y 10mNNNNNN
31NormalNN6y 0mNNNNNN
41NormalNN6y 5mNNNNNN
51NormalNN5y 11mNNNNNN
62NormalNN5y 10mNNNNNN
71NormalNN6y 2mNNNNNN
82NormalNN5y 7mNAbnNNNN
91Min WMNN6y 0mNNNBil narrowNN
101Min WMNN5y 11mSquintNNNNN
111Min WMNN5y 7mNNNNNN
121Min WMNN5y 6mNNNNNN
132Min WMNN6y 6mNNNNNN
141Min WMNN5y 5mNAbnNNNN
151Min WMNN5y 7mNNNNNN
162Min WMNN5y 5mNNNNNN
172Min WMNN5y 7mNNNNNN
182Mod WMNN6y 6mNNNNNN
192Mod WMNN5y 6mNNNNNN
202Mod WMNN5y 7mNNNNNN
212Mod WM (haem)NN5y 10mNNNNNN
222Mod WM (haem)NN5y 6mNNNNNN
232Sev WMAbnAbn5y 8mSquintAbnAbnBil narrowDiplegiaSev MR
242Sev WMAbnAbn5y 8mSquintAbnAbnBil narrowDiplegiaMod MR
252Sev WMNAbn5y 11mAbn*UntestUntestUntestDiplegiaMod MR
262Min BGNN5y 6mNNNNNN
272Min BGNN5y 5mNNNNAthet CPN
281Min BGNN5y 2mNNNNNN
292Mod BGNN5y 6mNNNNNN
302Mod BGNN5y 6mNAbnAbnNDys TetraMod MR
312Mod BG, sev WMAbnAbn5y 10mSquintAbnAbnBil narrowTetraMod MR
322Mod BG, sev WMAbnAbn5y 9mNAbnBil narrowTetraMod MR
332Mod BG, sev WMAbnAbn5y 6mSquintAbnAbnBil narrowTetraMod MR
342Sev BG & WMAbnAbn5y 10mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR
352Sev BG & WMAbnAbn6y 0mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR
363Sev BG & WMAbnAbn5y 5mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR
372Sev BG & WMNN5y 6mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR
382Sev BG & WMAbnAbn5y 5mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR
392Sev BG & WMAbnAbn5y 9mAbn*UntestUntestUntestTetraSev MR