Table 2

 Neonatal outcome according to antenatal glucocorticoid treatment and cause of preterm delivery: multiple logistic regression

RDSBPD at 28 daysBPD at 36 weeksHospital death
aOR95% CIp ValueaOR95% CIp ValueaOR95% CIp ValueaOR95% CIp Value
The multiple logistic regression includes antenatal glucocorticoid treatment, cause of preterm delivery, gestational age, sex, year, and centre.
BPD, bronchopulmonary dysplasia; IUGR, intrauterine growth restriction; PROM, prolonged rupture of the membranes; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; aOR, adjusted odds ratio.
Antenatal glucocorticoids0.
    Yes0.670.45 to 0.990.730.43 to 1.230.690.34 to 1.370.660.39 to 1.12
Cause of preterm delivery<0.0010.0070.010.41
    PROM0.810.47 to 1.420.900.42 to 1.931.130.44 to 2.920.580.28 to 1.20
    Pre-eclampsia7.163.85 to 13.31.910.88 to 4.120.800.25 to 2.490.760.35 to 1.68
    IUGR3.131.96 to 5.012.811.50 to 5.322.861.27 to 6.461.170.63 to 2.16
    Other3.252.00 to 5.301.280.64 to 2.550.590.21 to 1.720.800.42 to 1.54