Table 5

 Outcomes at 12 months corrected for prematurity

20 mg/kg (n = 87)5 mg/kg (n = 86)RR (95% CI)p Value
Values are mean (SD) or number. Major disability defined as one or more of the following: cerebral palsy, bilateral blindness, need for hearing aids, GQ<75.
*Revised Griffiths developmental scale; †two infants for whom testing was not possible were excluded.
Developmental assessmentn = 80n = 78
    General quotient (GQ)*96.6 (13.2)92.2 (17.3)†0.08
    Major disability6140.42 (0.17 to 1.05)0.05
    Death up to 12 months of age78
    Death or disability13220.58 (0.32 to 1.08)0.08