Table 2

 Analysis of trial data

20 mg/kg (n = 113)5 mg/kg (n = 121)RR (95% CI)p Value
Values are median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. Extubation failure defined as: not extubated within 48 hours of caffeine, reintubation, or doxapram within seven days of caffeine loading. Documented apnoea is episodes of apnoea recorded by nursing staff within seven days of the start of caffeine treatment.
*Non-ventilated days in successfully extubated infants (85 infants in the 5 mg/kg group and 96 in the 20 mg/kg group).
NCPAP, Nasopharyngeal continuous positive airways pressure.
Extubation failure17 (15%)36 (29.8%)0.51 (0.31 to 0.85)<0.01
    Not extubated67
Duration of mechanical ventilation (days)7.4 (3.3–16.5)9.0 (0.5–77)0.38
Duration of NCPAP (days)10.1 (2.3–21.2)9.8 (4.3–20.1)0.56
Documented apnoea4 (1–12)7 (2–22)<0.01
Documented apnoea (days)*0.6 (0.1–2.1)1.3 (0.3–4.3)0.02