Table 1

 Nutrient content of breast milk and preterm and term formulas

Energy or nutrients/100 mlBreast milk*Preterm formula†Term formula†
*Based on analysis of national sample of expressed milk in the United Kingdom.
†Manufacturer’s information.
‡Casein to whey ratio 40:60.
§Same fat blend. Saturated to unsaturated ratio 40:60, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids were not added at time of this trial.
¶Lactose 6 g, maltodextrin 1 g.
Generally the preterm formula contained a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals except for iron: preterm formula, 40 µg per 100 ml; term formula, 650 µg per 100 ml (all infants received additional iron).
Energy (kcal)708068
Protein (g)1.32‡1.5‡
Fat (g)4.24.9§3.8§
Carbohydrate (g)77.0¶7.0**
Taurine (µmol)4.85.1Trace