Table 4

 Data on McCarthy scales of children’s abilities

Etamsylate (n = 133)Placebo (n = 131)p Value
Values are mean (SD). The standardised mean for the subscales is 50 in normal children and 100 for the GCI. There is a non-significant trend for the GCI and the subscales to be higher in the etamsylate group, using two sample t tests. This difference is due to the greater number of children in the placebo group with GCI ⩽ 50 (and < 70). Fisher’s exact test was used to compare the numbers in each group.
*Four in the placebo group and one in the etamsylate group were too severely affected to have a score. There were four who refused to cooperate for the McCarthy scales and all were excluded: all four were in the placebo group.
GCI, General cognitive index; IVH, intraventricular index.
GCI93.3 (16.2)89.7 (19.7)0.10
    Verbal45.9 (9.6)43.6 (11.1)0.07
    Perceptual/performance48.4 (9.7)46.6 (11.3)0.17
    Quantitative45.2 (9.6)44.6 (11.1)0.6
    Motor43.3 (9.8)41.0 (10.8)0.07
    Memory44.7 (8.5)42.7 (10.0)0.07
Mean GCI excluding those with a score ⩽5094.3 (14.9)93.3 (16.2)0.6
Mean GCI in those with an  =  124n  =  112
score ⩾7095.9 (13.3)95.6 (14.2)0.86
GCI<70*6 Boys, 3 girls8 Boys, 11 girls
Mean GCI in those withoutn  =  116n  =  116
cerebral palsy95.2 (15.3)93.1 (17.1)0.33
Mean GCI in those withoutn  =  106n  =  99
grade 2 or 3 IVH94.8 (15.4)92.2 (17.9)0.27