Table 6

 Associations between splinting and psychosocial scores at 12 months

Splinted before 8 weeksNot splinted before 8 weeks
N%N%p ValueRR95% CI
MD, Mean difference; RR, relative rate; CI, confidence interval; EPDS, Edinburgh postnatal depression scale; PSI, parenting stress index; STAI, Spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory.
Anxiety in clinical range35/1612259/252230.690.930.64 to 1.34
NoMeanSDNoMeanSDp ValueMD95% CI
Anxiety scale (STAI)16133.710.725233.810.80.94−0.1−2.2 to 2.1
Depression (EPDS)1626.84.22546.95.10.80−0.1−1.1 to 0.8
Parenting stress total (PSI)14966.313.222466.213.10.960.1−2.7 to 2.8
PSI sense competence16422.35.624822.95.70.32−0.6−1.7 to 0.6
PSI attachment16410.53.024710.62.80.55−0.2−0.7 to 0.4
PSI child moody1668.92.92528.62.70.340.3−0.3 to 0.8
PSI child rewarding1668.82.72528.62.50.490.2−0.3 to 0.7
PSI spouse15915.94.523915.64.60.430.4−0.6 to 1.3
Hip worries inventory16918.65.125417. to 2.4