Table 5

 Associations between splinting and psychosocial scores at 8 weeks

Splinted before 8 weeksNot splinted before 8 weeks
N%N%p ValueRR95% CI
MD, Mean difference; RR, relative rate; CI, confidence interval; EPDS, Edinburgh postnatal depression scale; PSI, parenting stress index; STAI, Spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory.
Anxiety in clinical range75/2223467/317210.001.601.21 to 2.12
NoMeanSDNoMeanSDp ValueMD95% CI
Anxiety scale (STAI)22237.313.231733.510. to 5.9
Depression (EPDS)2227.84.73187.−0.3 to 1.3
Parenting stress total (PSI)21342.49.830941.79.40.460.6−1.1 to 2.3
PSI sense competence22022.76.431622.76.00.870.1−1.0 to 1.1
PSI attachment2209.52.63169.72.60.48−0.2−0.6 to 0.3
PSI child moody2189.93.23159.−0.1 to 1.0
Hip worries inventory22230.67.231923. to 7.9