Table 3

 Psychosocial scores at 8 weeks by random allocation

Random allocation
UltrasoundNo ultrasound
N%N%p ValueRR95% CI
MD, Mean difference; RR, relative rate; CI, confidence interval; EPDS, Edinburgh postnatal depression scale; PSI, parenting stress index; STAI, Spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory.
Anxiety in clinical range72/2812678/274280.450.900.68 to 1.18
No Mean SD No Mean SD p Value MD 95% CI
Anxiety scale (STAI)28134.511.827435.612.20.26−1.2−3.2 to 0.8
Depression (EPDS)2797.54.42777.44.70.950.0−0.7 to 0.8
Parenting stress total (PSI)27241.48.826642.610.30.15−1.2−2.8 to 0.4
PSI sense competence27922.45.627322.96.60.34−0.5−1.5 to 0.5
PSI attachment2799.52.52739.72.70.41−0.2−0.6 to 0.3
PSI child moody2739.53.12769.83.20.29−0.3−0.8 to 0.3
Hip worries inventory28026.17.227727.17.20.09−1.0−2.2 to 0.2