Table 1

 Series of cases of neonatal enterovirus myocarditis

CaseSexAge (days)ECGCK (IU/l)CK-MB (%)Admission fractional shorteningDuct flowEntero virus PCRMaternal IgMECMOOutcomeCurrent fractional shortening
ECG, Electrocardiogram; CK, creatine kinase; MB, myoglobin; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; PSM, paradoxical septal motion.
1M18Q in aVL, T wave inversion V6222Not done9%No flowBlood+ CSF+ Throat+Not doneNoAlive14%
2M5ST depression and T wave inversion in lateral leadsNot doneNot done10%No flowBlood+IgM +veYesDead
3M7ST depression and T wave inversion in lateral leads41811PSMNo flowBlood+IgM -veYesDead
4F7ST elevation II,III, aVF, ST depression V1–V5427Not donePSMR to LBlood− CSF+Not doneYesDead
5M9ST depression II, aVF, V1–V378313PSMR to LBlood+Not doneNoAlive19%
6M11Q wave V5–V6, ST depression V1–V3134425PSMR to LBlood+IgM +veYesAlive36%
7F15ST segment/ depression/T wave inversion V5–6Not doneNot done9%No flowBlood+Not doneNoAlive33%