Table 6

 Crude odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI) as an estimate of the relative risk of motor problems by sex, defined by a score below the 5th centile on Movement assessment battery for children (total ABC score) in two groups of low birth weight compared with a control group

GroupSex< 5th centile%⩾5th centile%OR95%CI
VLBW, Very low birth weight; SGA, small for gestational age.
VLBWBoys(n = 27)725.92074.111.61.3 to 100.9
Girls(n = 23)626.11773.98.11.5 to 44.2
SGABoys(n = 27)725.92074.111.61.3 to 100.9
Girls(n = 32)26.33093.81.50.2 to 11.5
ControlBoys(n = 34)12.93397.11.0
Girls(n = 48)24.24695.81.0