Table 1

 Indices of pancreatic function and insulin sensitivity in cases of transient diabetes mellitus (TNDM) in remission over time and compared with non-diabetic controls

Indices of pancreatic function/insulin sensitivityTNDM casesControls
1st assessment2nd assessment
Values are median (range) or mean (SD). There was no significant difference between the 1st assessment and controls or between the 1st and 2nd assessments. QUICKI, Quantitative insulin sensitivity check index.
Median age (years)7.5 (3–11 )9 (5–13 )7.5 (4–10 )
Insulinogenic index0.038 (0.015)0.057 (0.038)0.045 (0.02)
QUICKI0.427 (0.056)0.349 (0.05)0.404 (0.04)