Table 5

Details of the five physiological variables recorded before and after transfer

BeforeAfterp Value
Data are median (range). Data are shown for ANNP and doctor led transfers and for the time points before and after transport. In each case, the number of data points available are given. Comparisons between the ANNP and doctor led groups are made using the Mann-Whitney U test, and comparisons of values before and after transport within each group are made using the Wilcoxon signed rank test.
ANNP, Advanced neonatal nurse practitioner.
Blood glucose (mmol/l)
    ANNP led4 (1.8–9.8) (n=49)4.2 (1–8.6) (n=51)0.8
    Doctor led4.3 (1.1–15.9) (n=50)4.6 (2.2–11.9) (n=47)0.11
    p Value0.920.31
Systolic blood pressure
    ANNP led59 (27–97) (n=41)50 (31–112) (n=41)0.29
    Doctor led56 (29–118) (n=38)56 (26–90) (n=36)0.42
    p Value0.440.85
    ANNP led7.35 (7.04–7.5) (n=46)7.35 (6.82–7.49) (n=42)0.83
    Doctor led7.31 (6.5–7.46) (n=39)7.38 (6.55–7.6) (n=36)0.1
    p Value0.020.97
Temperature (°C)
    ANNP led36.8 (34–37.8) (n=49)37 (34.6–38) (n=51)0.001
    Doctor led36.8 (35–37.9) (n=50)36.8 (35.4–37.8) (n=50)0.24
    p Value0.250.21
Oxygenation: Pao2 (kPa)
    ANNP led8.7 (3.5–17) (n=21)8.2 (6.6–26) (n=20)0.92
    Doctor led6.7 (2.4–13.1) (n=22)8.5 (1.89–17.5) (n=21)0.19
    p Value0.0080.9
Oxygenation: Sao2 (%)
    ANNP led96 (88–100) (n=30)98 (92–100) (n=31)0.01
    Doctor led96 (88–100) (n=29)97 (92–100) (n=30)0.09
    p Value0.850.08