Table 4

Support required in transit

ANNP ledDoctor led
Data are either median (range) or number (%). Data on maximum respiratory support refer to infants on ventilation. Data on infusion numbers, inotrope use, blood pressure monitoring and transcutaneous gas monitoring refer to percentage of all transfers. There are no significant differences between the groups (Mann-Whitney U test).
ANNP, Advanced neonatal nurse practitioner; PIP, peak inspiratory pressure; PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure; BP, blood pressure.
Number ventilated (%)34 (66.6)30 (58.8)
Maximum PIP (cm H2O)19 (13–35)20 (14–32)
Maximum PEEP (cm H2O)4 (2–5)4 (2–6)
Maximum ventilator rate55 (6–90)60 (15–76)
Maximum Fio2 (ventilated infants)0.38 (0.21–1)0.39 (0.21–1)
Maximum Fio2 (unventilated infants)0.27 (0.21–0.6)0.27 (0.21–0.6)
Ventilated babies receiving sedation34 (100)28 (93)
Number of infusions per infant2 (1–5)2 (1–5)
Inotropic support7 (13.7)3 (5.8)
Intra-arterial BP measurement17 (33.3)21 (41.1)
Transcutaneous blood gas monitoring11 (21.5)5 (9.8)