Table 3

Procedures attempted or completed by the transport team

ANNP ledDoctor led
Values are expressed as the number of transfers (percentage of transfers) on which each procedure was attempted, except number of blood gases which shows the number of these performed on each transfer with the range in parentheses. There are no significant differences (p < 0.05) between the groups for any category (Mann-Whitney U test).
ANNP, Advanced neonatal nurse practitioner.
Peripheral arterial catheter5 (9.8)5 (9.8)
Umbilical arterial catheter5 (9.8)2 (3.9)
Umbilical venous catheter1 (1.9)1 (1.9)
First intubation6 (11.7)1 (1.9)
Reintubation6 (11.7)11 (21.5)
Blood gases2 (0–4)1 (0–5)