Table 1

Characteristics of the two groups of babies

ANNP led (n=51)Doctor led (n=51)p Value
Gestations are completed weeks. Values are median (range). There are no significant differences (p<0.05) between the groups for any category (Mann-Whitney U test).
ANNP, Advanced neonatal nurse practitioner.
Gestation at birth (weeks)32 (23–41)32 (23–40)0.9
Gestation at transfer (weeks)33 (23–41)33 (23–43)0.83
Weight at transfer (kg)1.66 (0.53–5.1)1.76 (0.56–3.91)0.89
Age at transfer (days)1 (0.2–28)0.75 (0.2–28)0.15