Table 5

Perinatal risks, post-traumatic reactions, and problems; partial corrrelations

Correlation variables:PERIMat.PPQPERIPat.PPQ
Control variables:Mat.PPQPERIPat.PPQPERI
Values are partial correlation coefficients r(72) between the three indices of problems and respectively: the risk index (PERI) with maternal post-traumatic reactions (Mat.PPQ) controlled (column 1); maternal post-traumatic reactions with the risk index controlled (column 2). Columns 3 and 4 provide the same coefficients for paternal post-traumatic reactions.
PERI, Perinatal risk inventory; PPQ, perinatal post-traumatic stress disorder questionnaire score.
*p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Sleeping problems−0.050.28*0.000.08
Eating problems0.*
Aggregated index0.000.31**0.010.24*