Table 2

 Alcohol hand rub and glove protocol

1.All healthcare workers (doctors, nurses and allied health workers) must wash their hands, up to the elbows, thoroughly according to the 1985 CDC guidelines with an antiseptic cleansing agent (Hibiscrub) at the beginning of each shift.
2.Every time before entering the incubator or heated platform all healthcare workers must:
    (i)rub both hands thoroughly with an alcohol based antiseptic agent (Hexol lotion; 2 plunges = 4 ml) and let it dry;
    (ii)wear a pair of disposable, clean latex gloves after the handrubbing procedure, then, apply the same amount (2 plunges = 4 ml) of alcohol antiseptic agent to the gloves and let it dry before nursing the baby.
3.The alcohol based antiseptic agent (2 plunges = 4 ml) should be reapplied to the gloves after the touching of any equipment or utensils such as pens, monitors, thermometers, observation charts, etc while nursing the same baby.
4.If gloves are visibly soiled, new ones should be used and step 2 (ii) repeated.
Note: working with visibly soiled gloves is strictly prohibited.
5.All healthcare workers must take off their gloves immediately after leaving the incubator and rub their hands with alcohol antiseptic agent.
6.Step 2 should be repeated before re-entering the same incubator or nursing a different baby.
7.All staff should repeat step 1 when leaving the NICU.