Table 1

 Incidence of idiopathic intracranial haemorrhage (ICH) in infants between day 8 and the end of week 12, in rural and urban Hanoi, 1995–1999

199519961997199819995 year totals
*Rural infants received no vitamin K prophylaxis in any year.
†Urban infants born at the Hanoi Obstetric and Gynaecological Hospital received vitamin K prophylaxis in 1998 and 1999 only.
‡Incidence per 100 000 births (95% confidence interval) based on five year totals.
Rural areas*
    Total births2529024318236522218920301115750
    Number of cases of idiopathic ICH3832333922164
    Incidence of ICH per 100 000 births (no prophylaxis)150132140176108142 (122 to 165)‡
Urban areas
    Total births185021938320058218171987199631
    Number receiving no prophylaxis†185021938320058146131218984745
    Number receiving prophylaxis†NilNilNil7204768214886
    Number of cases of idiopathic ICH1522167969
    Incidence of ICH per 100 000 births (no prophylaxis)8111480487481 (65 to 101)‡
    Incidence of ICH per 100 000 births (total births)8111480324569 (55 to 88)‡
Combined rural and urban areas
    Total births4379243701437104400640172215381
    Number receiving no prophylaxis4379243701437103680232490200495
    Number of cases of idiopathic ICH5354494631233
    Incidence of ICH per 100 000 births (no prophylaxis)12112411212595116 (102 to 132)‡
    Incidence of ICH per 100 000 births (total births)12112411210577108 (95 to 123)‡