Table 2

 Median number of servings for mothers of small for gestational age (SGA) and appropriate size for gestational age (AGA) infants at the time of conception and last month of pregnancy

SGAAGAp Value*
*Mann-Whitney U test.
At the time of conception
    Fruit per day1.41.50.03
    Vegetables per day1.41.60.11
    Meat per week4.04.50.09
    Fish per week0.51.00.08
    Dairy products per day2.22.50.056
    Carbohydrate rich foods per day2.83.10.004
    High carbohydrate snacks and soft drinks per day1.41.40.10
Last month of pregnancy
    Fruit per day1.92.10.007
    Vegetables per day1.61.60.30
    Meat per week4.24.20.64
    Fish per week0.50.50.48
    Dairy products per day2.83.00.05
    Carbohydrate rich foods per day3.03.30.002
    High carbohydrate snacks and soft drinks per day1.51.80.046