Table 2

Pertinent laboratory characteristics

With abscess (n = 10)Without abscess (n = 36)
Data are expressed as mean (SD), except the duration of bacteraemia which is median (range).
*p<0.012; **p<0.03. Kruskal Wallis and t tests were used to study differences between infants with and without abscesses. Backward stepwise regression analysis was used to study the independent impact of these variables on mortality. p < 0.05 was considered significant.
White blood cells (× 103/μl)34.8 (18.3)27.4 (22.2)
Absolute granulocytes (× 103/μl)14.8 (17.6)16.7 (17.5)
Platelets (× 103/μl)95 (124)*247 (159)
pH at onset of sepsis7.31 (0.04)7.26 (0.11)
Pco2 at onset of sepsis (mm Hg)43 (8)47 (12)
Duration of bacteraemia (days)6 (6–20)**4 (1–9)