Table 6

Details of outcome

NumberFull recoveryPartial recoveryNo recovery
Notes: Completed questionnaires = 281. Insufficient information on outcome or ineligible cases = 5. Total number of eligible of cases = 276. (Information on the mode of delivery was missing in two fully recovered and five partially recovered infants). The sum of ventouse and forceps deliveries exceeds the number of infants delivered by assisted delivery because some proceeded from ventouse to forceps.
*Information on the extent of the lesion was missing in two cases.
All infants2761431276
Shoulder dystocia17984905
Spontaneous vertex  delivery15680742
Assisted delivery10155442
Caesarean section3210
Groups I and II255*1431120
Groups III and IV 19*0136
Associated injuries 4220175
Age at assessment (weeks)Range1–701–7519–33