Table 5

Other probable traumatic cases

Birth weight (g)Maternal historyDelivery
3430Primigravida. Concealed pregnancyBorn at home
3946Primigravida. Concealed pregnancyBorn at home in toilet
3780PrimigravidaProlonged labour with fetal distress
3730Previous delivery; shoulder dystocia. Known cephalopelvic disproportionProlonged labour
3880Previous delivery; shoulder dystociaNormal vertex delivery
3540PrimigravidaProlonged labour
3048Primigravida. Failure to progressEmergency caesarean section
3500Failure to progressEmergency caesarean section (infant had torticollis)
3560Hand presentationEmergency caesarean section with extended incision and cephalic version
3500Breech presenting; external cephalic versionNormal vertex delivery at term