Table 3

Guidelines according to birth weight for exchange transfusion in low birthweight infants based on total serum bilirubin (mg/dl) and bilirubin/albumin ratio (mg/g) (whichever comes first)35

<1250 g1250–1499 g1500–1999 g2000–2499 g
*Risk factors: Apgar <3 at five minutes; Pao2 <40 mm Hg ⩾2 h; pH ⩽7.15 ⩾1 h; birth weight <1000 g; haemolysis; clinical or central nervous system deterioration; total protein ⩽4 g/dl or albumin ⩽2.5 g/dl. B/A ratio, Bilirubin/albumin ratio.
Standard risk
    Total bilirubin13151718
    B/A ratio5.
High risk*
    Total bilirubin10131517
    B/A ratio4.