Table 1

Characteristics of studies included

GestationBirth weight (g)
StudyMethodsParticipantsIVIGCIVIGCNo of infants in studyIVIG doseExchange transfusion criteriaOutcomes reportedJadad score
Gestation and birth weight are given as means (SD).
*Information given in Rübo and Wahn.18
IVIG, Intravenous immunoglobulin group; C, control group; Rh, rhesus; HDN, haemolytic disease of the newborn; DCT, direct Coomb’s test; Retics, reticulocyte count; SBR, serum bilirubin; nk, not known.
Alpay et al15Single centreABO and/or RH HDN, DCT +ve, Retics ≥10%nknk3413 (116.4)3396 (63.9)1161 g/kg over 4 hoursSBR >290 μmol/l and increasing by >17 μmol/l/hourExchange transfusion, phototherapy duration, length of hospital stay, late anaemia2
Dagoglu et al16Single centre, random number, sealed envelopesRh HDN, DCT +ve, Rh −ve Mum36.1 (2.3)36.1 (1.7)2851 (469)2690 (346)410.5 g/kgSBR >340 μmol/l in the first 72 hours or increasing by >17 μmol/l/hourExchange transfusion, late anaemia3
Rübo et al17MulticentreRh HDN, DCT +ve, Rh −ve Mumnknk3119* (546)2899* (562)320.5 g/kg over 2 hoursSBR >34 μmol/l above Polácek’s exchange linesExchange transfusion, late anaemia1
Voto et al19Single centreRh HDN, DCT +ve, RH +ve infant37 (3)37.5 (2.5)2803 (573)2866 (579)370.8 g/kg/day given daily for 3 daysBased on postnatal age, birth weight and SBR, as defined in their paperExchange transfusion, phototherapy duration, length of hospital stay1