Table 6

Main outcome measures stratified by birth weight and comparing cases with hospital controls

CasesHospital controls
Standard deviation is shown for means and interquartile range for medians. GP controls not included as all were term and not low birth weight.
IQ, Intelligence quotient; mABC, movement assessment battery for children; GP, general practitioner.
Infants of birth weight ≥2500 g(n=73)(n=79)
    Birth weight mean (g)3264 (434)3220 (383)
    Gest age median (weeks)40 (38–40)40 (39–40)
    IQ mean90.35 (17.8)99.89 (15.0)
    mABC score median6.5 (3.5–12.5)4.5 (2.6–7.5)
    Mod/severe outcome12%2.5%
Infants of birth weight 1500–2499 g(n=29)(n=25)
    Birth weight mean (g)1997 (306)1949 (318)
    Gest age median (weeks)33.6 (30.8–35.2)33.8 (31.0–37.0)
    IQ mean82.74 (25.8)99.16 (15.7)
    mABC score median7.5 (4.6–22.3)6.25 (3.5–11.0)
    Mod/severe outcome31%
Infants of birth weight ≤1499 g(n=9)(n=9)
    Birth weight mean (g)1228 (179)1218 (181)
    Gest age median (weeks)29 (28.0–30.2)29 (28.0–29.5)
    IQ mean85.40 (25.8)96.55 (11.4)
    mABC score mean9.3 (7.35)10.5 (6.1)
    Mod/severe outcome44%