Table 2

Ultrasound characteristics of frontal horn cysts in 21 neonates

Subject First scan (age) Features and largest diameter Other ultrasound findings Scan progress
ADay 1Bilateral single L>RSEHEnlarged to 18 mm by 3 weeks, resolution by 3 months
BDay 7 and 1 monthL side solitary 6 mmNilFHC present day 30, resolution by 5 months
CDay 5L side 2 cysts 4 mmR SEH
DDay 3L side single 10 mmNil2 smaller cysts appeared at 3 weeks, all resolved at 4 months
EDay 2R side 2 cysts 3 mmNil10 mm size by 4 weeks
FDay 2Bilateral 3L 2R 5 mmR SEH/caudate nucleus dense at 2 mFHC increased to 1.4 mm at 4 weeks, resolved by 5 months
GDay 7R side 2 cysts 20 mmNilNA
HDay 2L side; single 13 mmNilNA
IDay 14Bilateral, 10 mmPM ultrasoundNA
JDay 2Bilateral, 2R 1L, 11 mmNilNo change at 4 weeks
KDay 3Bilateral, 2R, 1LNilNA
LDay 2L side, single 16 mmNilNo change at 1 week, resolved 2 months
MDay 3L side, 23 mmR SEH wide IHF, parietal subarachnoid spaceNA
NDay 1BilateralNilNA
ODay 1Bilateral, 2L, 1R 2 mmNil12 mm size at 2 weeks, regressed by 10 weeks
PDay 3L side, single, 3 mmNot seen on day 2 scan7 mm at 4 weeks, no further scans
QDay 3L side, multiple, 5 mmBilateral. SEHBilateral PVL cysts after 2 weeks
RDay 2Bilateral, 2R, 1LNilNA
SDay 2Bilateral, 1L, 2R, 9 mmNilResolved at 4 months
TDay 3R side, single 8 mR SEHResolved
UDay 1L side, single 6 mmNilResolved
  • All scans, performed in the first week of life, confirmed typical features shown in fig 1[f1]. Fifteen subjects had frontal horn cysts, which enlarged by 34 weeks (range 28–40) gestation equivalent and resolved around 2 months corrected age (range 34 weeks to 4.5 months).

  • L, Left; R, right; SEH, subependymal haemorrhage; FHC, frontal horn cyst; NA, not available.