Table 3

Costs per child detected with a bilateral hearing loss ⩾ 40 dB3-150 and positive predictive value for a hearing loss ⩾ 40 dB in the better ear3-150 for three stage screening procedures

Cost per child detected with bilateral hearing loss ⩾ 40 dB (in 1000 €) Positive predictive value for bilateral hearing loss ⩾ 40 dB (in %)
Detecting both unilateral and bilateral hearing loss (screening both ears)3-150
 Only home visits30.53-150 8.63-150
 Only at CHC25.03-150 4.53-150
 Home visits backed up by screening at CHC24.93-150 6.83-150
 Only home visits43.83-150 14.63-150
 Only at CHC38.53-150 7.13-150
 Home visits backed up by screening at CHC39.13-150 11.83-150
Detecting only bilateral hearing loss (mainly screening only one ear)3-151
 Only home visits25.124.0
 Only at CHC21.66.2
 Home visits backed up by screening at CHC21.316.4
  • 3-150 Although children with both unilateral and bilateral losses will be detected, outcomes are based only on detecting children with bilateral hearing loss.

  • 3-151 No data could be found on the failure rates per ear in AABR screening. Therefore no results are given for AABR screening.

  • OAE, Otoacoustic emissions; AABR, automated auditory brainstem response; CHC, child health clinic.