Table 2

Time to absolute neutrophil count (ANC) recovery, duration of antibiotic use, mechanical ventilation, and intensive care, and mortality

rhG-CSF (n=13) Placebo (n=15) p Value
Time to ANC recovery to >5 × 109/l (days)2 (1–3)5 (4–7)<0.001
Duration of antibiotics (days)8 (6–16)16 (13–35)0.14
Duration of mechanical ventilation (days)5 (3–13)12 (6–34)0.23
Duration of intensive care (days)8 (3–17)12 (8–34)
Deaths during 42 day study period140.33
Total deaths at 6 and 12 months postmenstrual age170.038
  • Where applicable, results are presented as median (interquartile range).

  • rhG-CSF, recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor.