Table 4

Comparison of neurosensory disabilities at 14 years of age in extremely low birthweight (ELBW) and normal birthweight (NBW) children

ELBW (n=79) NBW (n=42)
Severe11 (13.9%)1 (2.4%)
Five blind (one IQ −4 SD; one IQ −4 SD and severe CP)One severe CP and IQ −4 SD
One severe CP and IQ −4 SD
Five IQ <−3 SD (one deaf, one moderate CP, one mild CP)
Moderate12 (15.2%)0 (0%)
Three deaf
One moderate CP
Eight IQ −3 SD to <−2 SD (one mild CP)
Mild20 (25.3%)6 (14.3%)
Two mild CPSix IQ −2 SD to <−1 SD
18 IQ −2 SD to <−1 SD
Nil36 (45.6%)35 (83.3%)
  • Mann-Whitney U test for distribution of disabilities between groups; Z=4.0, p<0.0001.

  • IQ, Iintelligence quotient; CP, cerebral palsy.