Table 5

Other cerebral impairment in the surviving twin of like-sex and unlike-sex co-twin who died in infancy (group 2)

Gestational age (weeks)BW of infant death (g)Registered cause of infant deathSex of survivorBW of survivor (g)General practitioner comments on the surviving twin
Type of chorionicity was available only for a few cases, therefore not presented in the table.
BW, Birth weight; HMD, hyaline membrane disease; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; TTTS, twin-twin transfusion syndrome; SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
Survivors from like-sex twin pairs
    24927HMDM795Reduced intellectual development
    26720Intrapartum asphyxiaF760Motor impairment, learning difficulties
    281180HMD with IVHF1100Mild learning disability, severe psychological problems
    29620TTTS, HMDM1215Mild learning difficulties, scaphocephaly
    291300Neonatal infectionM1308Delay in receptive and expressive language, learning difficulties
    291140HMD with IVHM950Mild problems with coordination affecting left side, special needs in teacher for reading
    311620Viral meningitisF1755Learning difficulties
    311560Birth traumaM1180Severe learning difficulties
    321490Neonatal infectionF1515Low intellectual development
    332030SIDSF2070Mild learning disability
    331400Intrapartum asphyxiaM1440Learning disability
    341800Spina bifida, hydrocephalusM2100Learning disability
    383055Birth traumaM3205Speech delay
Survivors from unlike-sex twin pairs
    281350HMD with IVHF1135Epilepsy, behaviour problems, retinopathy of prematurity