Table 3

Other cerebral impairment in the surviving twin of like-sex and unlike-sex fetal death co-twin (group 1)

Gestational age (weeks)BW of fetal death (g)Registered cause of fetal deathSex of live birthBW of live birth (g)Type of placentationGeneral practitioner comments on the surviving twin
BW, Birth weight; IUGR, intrauterine growth retardation; APA, antepartum anoxia; MC, monochorionic; DC, dichorionic; TTT, twin-twin transfusion.
Survivors from like-sex twin pairs
    29875APAM1230MCSevere difficulties in both receptive and expressive language abilities
    301900TTT syndromeF1100MCSensory neural hearing loss, epilepsy
    31380APAM1600Placenta not examinedDevelopmental delay
    321120APAM1970DCDifficulty with coordination and fine manipulation skills
    331305APAF1380Placenta not examinedSensory neural hearing loss
    351080Congenital anomaly (miscellan. syndrome)M2060DCDelay in language development
Survivors from unlike-sex twin pairs
    32310APAM1910DCLearning difficulties
    33250APAM1320Placenta not examinedHearing loss, dyspraxia