Table 2

Cerebral palsy in the surviving twin of like-sex and unlike-sex fetal death co-twin (group 1)

Gestational age (weeks)BW of fetal death (g)Registered cause of fetal deathSex of live birthBW of live birth (g)Cerebral palsy typeType of placentation
BW, Birth weight; IUGR, intrauterine growth retardation; APA, antepartum anoxia; MC, monochorionic; DC, dichorionic; TTT, twin-twin transfusion.
Survivors from like-sex twin pairs
    30920TTT syndromeM1440DiplegiaMC
    3390APA, severe macerationM1786QuadriplegiaMC
    33910IUGR, APAF1635QuadriplegiaMC
    36280Missed abortionF2380QuadriplegiaPlacenta not examined
    362070APA, severe macerationM2200HemiplegiaMC
    37480TTT syndromeM3320QuadriplegiaMC
    381860APA, gross macerationF2560HemiplegiaDC
    391280IUGR, macerated fetusF1180AthetoidPlacenta not examined
Survivors from unlike-sex twin pairs
    30500APA, advanced macerationM1300DiplegiaPlacenta not examined