Table 2

Characteristics of preterm cohorts from grade A studies reporting outcome of all pregnancies (stillbirths and live births)

ReferenceCohort birth periodExclusions (details in text)Geographical cohortAntenatal steroidsPostnatal surfactantAge at survivalProportion of live births surviving for each week of gestation (%)
EPICure4 Mar 95–Dec 95NoYesYes (64%)Yes (87%)dis112747
Cartlidge5 1993–1994YesYesYes2-150 Yes2-150 neo526596974
Tin6 1991–1994YesYesYes2-150 Yes2-150 1 y217355370
Kilpatrick7 1990–1994YesNoYes (83%)Yes (95%)dis497883
Kramer8 Jul 89–Dec 93NoNoYes (18%)Yes (100%)6 m1948257571
Lefebvre9 1987–1992YesNoYes2-150 Yes2-150 dis023506478
Allen10 May 88–Sep 91NoNoNoYes2-150 6 m175679
Gray11 Jun 88–May 90YesNoYes2-150 Nodis57688389
Tin6 1987–1990YesYesYes2-150 Yes2-150 1 y1817334564
Synnes12 1983–1989NoNoNoNodis1643556377
EC Study13 1986YesYesNoNodis1713275036
EC Study13 1986YesYesNoNodis00401850
Nicholl14 1983–1989YesNoNoNodis843596585
EC Study13 1985YesYesNoNodis05194848
Tin6 1983–1986YesYesNoNo1 y310214259
EC Study13 1983YesYesNoNodis00143752
Combined estimate1027445567
(95% CI)(8–12)(24–30)(41–47)(52–58)(64–70)
  • 2-150 Percentage not specified.

  • neo, neonatal period (28 days); 1 y, 1 year of age; dis, discharge from hospital; 6 m, 6 months of age.