Table 1

Summary of infants with punctate lesions

MRI and characterisation of punctate lesions
PerinatalAnt regionMid regionPost regionFollow up
PatientsSexAntenatalGA (weeks)Weight (g)DeliveryNeonatal eventsAge (days)NumberAppearanceUBUBUBAssociated lesionsAge at last exam (months)Neurological outcome
(A) Preterm infants with isolated punctate lesions; (B) preterm infants with punctate lesions and associated major brain damage; (C) term infants with punctate lesions. F, female; M, male; N, normal; IUGR, intrauterine growth retardation; GA, gestational age; SVD, spontaneous vaginal delivery; EmCS, emergency caesarean section; ElCS, elective caesarean section; NA, not available; CUS, cranial ultrasound; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; U, unilateral; B, bilateral; PVL, periventricular leucomalacia.
1MHypothyroidium281220SVDVentilated 3 days7>10Mixed++14N
2MPremature rupture of membranes322130SVDVentilated 2 days3>10Linear++Oedema23N
3FN281110ElCSVentilated 2 days Colonic perforation82>10Linear+Oedema18N
4FN301700SVDVentilated 3 hours CUS day 2: IVH grade IIb93–10Linear+Oedema25Discrete delay in language
5MPolyhydramnion362540SVDCollapse due to atrial tachycardia Hypothyroidism133–10Cluster+20N
6MPre-eclampsia IUGR27580EmCSCUS day 2: IVH grade IIb Hypotension44<3Cluster+Oedema23N
7FHypertension311360EmCSVentilated 2 days7<3Cluster+22N
8FHypertension IUGR341260ElCSResuscitation at birth2<3Cluster+18N
9MN351875SVDPerforated necrotising enterocolitis27>10Cluster++Cerebellar hemorrhage16N
10MN301320SVDVentilated 1 day CUS day 7: bilateral PVL13>10Linear+++Cystic PVLDied
CUS day 7: bilateral PVL
11FN291150EmCSCUS day 2: IVH grade IIb26>10Linear++Cystic PVL15Cerebral palsy
12MGestational diabetes363960EmCSResuscitation at birth12>10Mixed+++Basal ganglia emorrhage19N
13MDiscordant twins301200EmCSCUS week 2: bilateral PVL29>10Linear++Cystic PVL20Cerebral palsy
14MIUGR331200EmCSCUS day 1: IVH grade IIb183–10Mixed++Cystic PVL16Cerebral palsy
Left renal vein thrombosis25
15MN333430SVDFits day 13 due to herpetic encephalitis193–10Cluster+Herpetic encephalitis26Cerebral palsy Epilepsy
16FN403025SVDIncontinentia pigmenti Fits day 5, EEG normal51>10Cluster+24N
17FN403055SVDCUS day 1: subarachnoid6<3Cluster+Subarachnoid15N