Table 2

Clinical data

Patient No Gestational age (weeks)
Birth weight (g)
Underlying disease Thrombus (locus and day of life) Central line rt-PA bolus (mg/kg)/ therapy (mg/kg/day)/ duration (days) Heparin dose (IU/kg/day) Prophylaxis (dose/duration) Clot outcome Complications
132IDMIn right atrium at day 90.7/ 0.2/ 4100+
2200neonatal sepsisUVC100/ 10None
240IDMIn right atrium at day 80.7/ 0.2 → 0.1/ 2150+
5360hypoglycaemiaUVC100– 50/ 5None
335IDM, RDSIn right atrium at day 210.7/ 0.2/ 1250+
1980UVC100/ 5None
437IDMIn right atrium at day 100.7/ 0.2/ 2150
4300transient tachypnoeaUVCNoneLocal bleeding
535RDS, PPHNIn aorta at day 150.7/ 0.2/ 1150+
3040neonatal sepsisUVC and UAC100/ 2None
640peripartal asphyxiaIn aorta at day 220.7/ 0.2 → 0.3/ 3150+
3450PPHN, neonatal sepsisUVC and UAC100/ 7None
730RDS, PDAIn left atrium at day 120.7/ 0.2/ 1150+
1190neonatal sepsisUVC and UAC100/ 5None
833SGA, RDSIn right atrium at day 190.7/ 0.2 → 0.3/ 2250(+)
1450neonatal sepsisUVC100/ 1AT3-deficiency
93IDM, RDSIn right atrium at day 60.7 (2 times)/150+
1315neonatal sepsisUVC0.2 → 0.3 → 0.2/ 5100/ 7None
1042Peripartal asphyxiaIn right atrium at day 160.7/ 0.2/ 4100+
4550IDM, MAS, PPHNUVC100–50/ 5Local bleeding
neonatal sepsis
1140RDS, SGAIn right atrium at day 140.7/ 0.2/ 3200+
1900neonatal sepsisUVC150–100/ 4None
1224RDS, IVHIn right atrium (6th month)0.7/ 0.2/ 4 (2 times)100+
585neonatal sepsisCVL and VAS150–50/ 6None
1341Peripartal asphyxiaIn right atrium at day 210.7/ 0.2/ 4150(+)
4200MAS, PPHNUVC150–100/ 4None
1427RDS, SGAIn aorta at day 30.7 (3 times)/200 (interrupted)+
750neonatal sepsisUVC and UAC0.2/ 3 (interrupted)100–50/ 2None
  • rt-PA, Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator; IDM, infants of diabetic mothers; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; PPHN, persistent pulmonary hypertension; PDA, patent ductus arteriosus; SGS, small for gestational age; MAS, meconium aspiration; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; UVC, umbilical venous catheter; UAC, umbilical artery catheter, CVL, central venous line; VAS, ventricular-atrial shunt.