Table 5

Comparison of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) and surfactant use in 1st and 2nd born twins from vaginal and caesarean section deliveries

Outcome measure Number of twin pairs 2nd born twin only 1st born
twin only
Odds ratio
(95% CI)
p Value p Value for interaction5-150
RDS after vaginal delivery1162036.7 (2 to 35)<0.0010.13
RDS after caesarean section13621121.8 (0.82 to 3.9)0.2
Surfactant use after vaginal delivery12824212 (3 to 104)<0.0010.08
Surfactant use after caesarean section14825131.9 (0.92 to 4.1)0.07
  • 5-150 p Value summarises the test of homogeneity of the odds ratios in the two groups.