Table 3

Comparison of outcome measures between 1st and 2nd born twin siblings

Outcome measureNumber of
twin pairs
2nd born twin1st born twinp Value3-150
Birth weight (g)3001214372.41222355.10.6
Number of infection episodes2980.
Admission temperature (°F)245362.5361.00.4
Median Interquartile range Median Interquartile range p Value3-151
Apgar score at 1 minute29364 to 764 to 8<0.001
Apgar score at 5 minutes29487 to 987 to 90.2
CRIB score18431 to 621 to 6.50.06
Worst base excess in first 12 hours194−5−1 to −8−4−1 to −70.2
  • 3-150 Paired t test;

  • 3-151 Wilcoxon signed rank test.