Table 3

Cerebral palsy in surviving twins

Twin who diedTwin who survived with cerebral palsy
Birth weight (g)Age at deathCause of deathBirth weight (g)Type of cerebral palsyGeneral practitioner comments
Same sex pairs
5505 monthsCongenital brain anomaly570Not specifiedSpeech delay
5001 hourSevere prematurity600QuadriplegiaPoor vision, profound disabilities, IVH leading to hydrocephalus
68022 daysChorioamnionitis, septicaemia650Diplegia
8402 daysIVH660DiplegiaFunctioning at 12–18 month level (chronological age 3 years)
980<1 hourExtreme prematurity750MixedGlobal delay, vision and physical disability, microcephaly
1820<1 hourHydrops fetalis800HemiplegiaMild developmental delay
86014 daysIVH, hydrocephalus804Not specifiedDevelopmental delay in all areas
6605 monthsExtreme prematurity815R HemiplegiaSlow to speak, late walking and crawling
11053 daysRDS830DiplegiaMotor development delayed, mental development in line with chronological age
84011 weeksCerebral ischaemia840HemiplegiaToe walking, poor fine motor movements
85011 daysIVH850Not specifiedDevelopmental milestones delayed
8404 monthsBPD860MixedMobility problems, cannot walk unaided
6004 daysIVH862DiplegiaCerebral haemorrhage → hydrocephalus → shunt
Not stated13 daysExtreme prematurity900Not specifiedEvery milestone late, especially language. Weakness and ↑ tone L leg
7507 daysPVH, TTT910R HemiplegiaSpeech delayed, L periventricular leucomalacia
210033 daysExtreme prematurity, PVL940QuadriplegiaGlobal delay, epilepsy
9603 daysRDS970DiplegiaNormal speech and understanding
103027 daysNE1030DiplegiaSpeech delay
10801 dayCerebral dysgenesis, IVH1040QuadriplegiaHas achieved half the 0–4 month level early movement skills aged 3 years
10701 dayIVH1070R HemiplegiaDelayed motor development and speech at 16 months, aged 3 years
10602 daysIVH1070QuadriplegiaGlobal developmental delay, PVL
125026 daysExtreme prematurity1080Diplegia
10507 daysIVH, NE1095L HemiplegiaHydrocephalus with shunt, visual impairment, epilepsy
12307 daysNE1100L HemiplegiaIVH, hydrocephalus and shunt
8405 daysSevere anaemia, TTT1110QuadriplegiaSevere PVL, locomotor, hearing/speech, eye/hand, performance delay
8201 dayEdward's syndrome1120R HemiplegiaDoing well at present
12007 monthsSIDS1120DiplegiaDelay in social, hearing/speech and performance
780<1 hourAnaemia, TTT1150DiplegiaLocomotor and speech delay
10403 monthsBronchiolitis1170L HemiplegiaSpeech and walking delayed
116517 daysIVH1265QuadriplegiaHydrocephalus arrested, gross motor developmental delay, speech reasonable
212022 hoursCardiomyopathy1340L HemiplegiaPsychomotor retardation
15166 hoursMassive pneumothorax1548DiplegiaMilestones delayed
130022 daysNE1570QuadriplegiaPoor vision, milestones 1 year delayed
6945 monthsNE1610DiplegiaVP shunt, hydrocephalus
17001 dayCongenital abnormality of the lung1980HemiplegiaGreat speech difficulties, L hydronephrosis
Different sex pairs
6556 daysBilateral IVH622DiplegiaDevelopmental delay
65815 daysIVH755Not specified
7202 hoursIVH880Not specifiedHydrocephalus, mental age 1 year, chronological age 5 years
12206 daysIVH900QuadriplegiaBrain cysts, microcephaly
9204 daysIVH930L HemiplegiaGross motor development delayed by 6 months
9154 daysIVH, pneumothorax940R HemiplegiaHydrocephalus with VP shunt, speech and language delay
9804 daysIVH, pneumothorax940Diplegia
12309 daysPulmonary haemorrhage980Not specifiedCongenital hypothyroidism
98027 daysCoarctation of the aorta1361TetraplegiaBilateral cystic PVL
  • IVH, Intraventricular haemorrhage; PVL, periventricular leucomalacia; TTT, twin to twin transfusion; SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; BPD, bronchopulmonary dysplasia; NE, necrotising enterocolitis.