Table 2

Early nursing management and cranial ultrasound findings in the one year survivors nursed in enough supplemental oxygen to maintain an oximeter saturation of 88–98% or 70–90% throughout the first 8 weeks of life

Number of one year survivors6565
Gestation (weeks)26.4 (25.8–27.3)27.1 (26.2–27.3)
Birth weight (g)910 (810–1018)940 (855–1074)
Male sex (%)5546
Number given 20 μg/kg IM vitamin E at birth650
Number given IV amino acids ± lipid6216
 Mean time given (in those so managed) (days)19.212.1
Number with an arterial line in place ⩾7 days492
Blood transfusions given5 (3–8)1 (1–2)
 Number given >2 transfusions5513
First fully enterally fed (days)25 (18–34)14 (9–20)
Surgery for necrotising enterocolitis02
Cerebral ultrasound findings
 Intraparenchymal haemorrhage46
 Haemorrhagic ventriculomegaly55
 Periventricular leucomalacia55
  • Where applicable, values are median (interquartile range ).

  • IM, Intramuscular; IV, intravenous.