Table 1

Basic characteristics of the transfused and non-transfused infants

Non-transfused infants (n=22)Transfused infants (n=12)p Value
Values are median (interquartile range) unless otherwise indicated. The number of infants transfused was 12, but some were studied on more than one occasion so the number of transfusions was 20. The percentages are calculated on the basis of the number of transfusion episodes.
TPN, Total parenteral nutrition.
Gestational age (weeks)29 (27–31)27 (26–30)0.051
Birth weight (g)1120 (1025–1174)1060 (900–1160)0.27
Postnatal age (days)9 (6–14)19 (8–42)0.02
Ventilated1 (5%)6 (30%)0.04
Receiving TPN11 (50%)13 (65%)0.81
Fraction of inspired oxygen0.21 (0.21–0.23)0.25 (0.21–0.40)0.02