Table 3

Comparison of areas under the receiver operator characteristic curves

All infantsInfants <30 weeks gestational age
CRS, compliance of the respiratory system; IP, inspiratory pressure; MIP, maximum inspiratory pressure; PIP, peak inspiratory pressure; Fio2, inspired oxygen concentration.
Gestational age0.930.93
Birth weight0.860.81
Postnatal age0.890.98
Max PIP0.710.86
Max Fio20.620.66
Inspiratory pressures
    Mean IP0.780.86
    Max IP0.720.67
    Mean MIP0.900.95
    Max MIP0.820.83
Inspiratory pressures corrected for birth weight
    Mean IP/kg0.590.69
    Max IP/kg0.610.52
    Max MIP/kg0.530.62
    Mean MIP/kg0.520.81