Table 1

Comparison of infants who did and did not fail extubation

Failure (n=7)Success (n=29)p Value
Data are median (range).
CRS, compliance of the respiratory system; IP, inspiratory pressure; MIP, maximum inspiratory pressure; PIP, peak inspiratory pressure; Fio2, inspired oxygen concentration.
Gestational age (weeks)27 (25–31)32 (27–36)<0.01
Birth weight (g)918 (685–1752)1874 (938–2856)<0.01
Postnatal age (days)8 (2–14)2 (1–9)<0.01
Max PIP (cm H2O)22 (18–23)20 (15–27)NS
Max Fio20.65 (0.31–0.78)0.44 (0.21–0.94)NS
PIP before extubation12 (11–15)12 (10–16)NS
Fio2 before extubation0.30 (0.22–0.38)0.23 (0.21–0.36)<0.05
CRS (ml/cm H2O/kg)0.79 (0.43–1.16)0.77 (0.32–2.18)NS
Inspiratory pressures
    Mean IP (cm H2O)11.3 (7.3–19.7)16.7 (6.6–57.2)<0.03
    Max IP (cm H2O)15.7 (12.7–25.1)23.3 (9.2–77.0)NS
    Max MIP (cm H2O)17.3 (12.7–30)32.7 (20.0–77.0)<0.01
    Mean MIP (cm H2O)14.3 (9.9–21.2)24.8 (14.1–69.3)<0.01